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Using Your POH Better in Runescape

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Besides the obvious convenience of multiple teleports, quick prayer recharging, and escaping to a safe place to die, your POH can make and save quite a bit of cash as well. Teletab crafting is one of very few methods of mage training that makes money(runescape gold). The trick to rapid tab creation is getting the clay.

With the full stock of necessary runes, staff, pick, and Bracelet of Clay on hand, mine soft clay in the Rimmington mine, tele home, craft your tabs, tele to bank and then back to your POH in game(runescape gold). You can also Duel ring to CW and Hot Air Balloon to the Crafting Guild to get all your clay first. Then go home and have your butler unnote your clay. You will need some cash, but it is a good deal faster.

While this may take quite a bit longer than repeated Cammy teles, it is not terrible mage Xp and your not just gaining empty Xp. By creating tabs instead of wasting runes, you are supporting all of your other skills, which is the DIY way. You can also make windup cat's for a nice profit on your crafting bench, if you have got the 85 Crafting. Replacement watches and sextants for coordinate clues are handy as well.

An armor repair stand is vital to anyone who uses Barrows equipment. The discount is approximately your smithing level divided by 2 percent. A highly upgraded costume room can save tons of bank space on many cool items, and you can purchase all of the best storage on the GE. In short, all of the best Con rewards for the DIYer can be obtained at a paltry lvl 58. Training past this can be a bit of a waste, but not training up to 58 is a big mistake!

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